Prix Levallois 2019

A few words from the artistic directors

The 2019 Prix Levallois confirms its international status : 670 candidates from 69 countries (France, 278; Russia, 68; Iran, 50; Italy, 21...) with near-perfect parity!
After looking at more than 10,000 photographs, we have chosen 15 photographers (8 women, 7 men). They are from a number of different countries: France (3), Russia (3), Italy (2), Iran (2), India (1), Mexico (1), Costa Rica (1), Belgium (1) and the UK (1).
As we did during the selection process in 2018, we have paid close attention to the general trends present in the portfolios we received. This year’s offering confirmed the dominance of documentary photography, often giving the sense that it is only the subject which counts - as if this on its own were enough!
However, we did also receive many portraits and self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes, bodies in nature, environmental subjects, and yet again a large number of works in black and  white.
In our view, photography is a way of writing about the world, not a banal method for recording it. While making our selection, we prioritised those candidates who did not give in to the temptations of imagery, and who rather presented true photographic challenges, both in their engagement with, and reflection on, their subjects, and in the quality of their conceptual and plastic ways of writing. 
Now it’s your turn to explore our selection, which we hope is qualitative and invigorating.

Catherine Dérioz et Jacques Damez - Galerie Le Réverbère

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