According to Edmond Jabès : “There is a memory that is older than recollections (…): a memory that can be reawakened by a gesture, a word, a cry, a moment of pain or joy, an image, an event. A memory of all times that sleeps within us and that lies at the heart of creation.” With my large format camera, I set out an excavation so that I could assemble an intimate reliquary. A sort of internal archaeology. Where the borders get twisted and what is beyond breaks in, to create the framework for a world between two waters.
I dived into a subterranean world, into a dream buried where roots and dreamt memories merge. It is about frontiers and perceptions. I make symbolic objects and body fragments appear, in order to recreate, in the studio’s crypt, fragments of rituals, a bestiary, and an inventory of vestiges. Mental images.
Passages means also taking a picture to move from a mental image to an object image. Through this action, it is leaving behind a trace, a tangible evidence of our passages and our crossings from one world to another : de l’Ombre aux Images

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