Joel Jimenez

When the Dust Settles

Costa Rica

There is a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the landscape ; they continually evolve, change, and influence one another. This thought is better understood by the notion of atmosphere : the perceptual state emerging from the resonance between the body’s senses and affective capacities, and the spatial and material qualities of a place.
When the Dust Settles is a study of places and men, concerned with the psychological and emotional stimuli that arise from this symbiotic relationship, through the notion of atmosphere.
Even though sociological and ecological issues are represented throughout the series, they are the outcome of subjective processes — affections manifested through phenomenological experiences of time, memory, and identity imprinted in space. These traces of human intervention deal with themes of longing, solitude, and nostalgia, through ambiguous and elusive imagery that respond to the personal experience of the land and the contemporary society we live in.  

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