Prix Levallois 2020

Record-breaking year !


Record-breaking year ! 948 applications, 38% increase against 2019. This shows how much this award, not only free of charge but also greatly rewarded, has gained notoriety.
77 nationalities, 1/3 of the applicants were French, 2/3 were foreigners, quasi-proportional number of men and women which can also be seen within the finalists.
Note that for the first time, eight former finalists were present including two in the running once again, which shows for the photographer’s loyalty to this award.
Screening is a difficult exercise, a rather strange alchemy.
Being inclusive of all observed trends : Prevalence of documentary or ethnographic coverage, the comeback of the nude, of the self-portrait and the subjects of memory and grief, strong increase of landscape series and already a few series on confinement…
For the former artistic directors, Catherine Derioz and Jacques Damez, photography is not in the service of a subject but of a point of view, a signature style, about a reflection on what is real. We carefully, they looked at 14000 photographs and happily discovered fifteen distinctive personal styles, assertive and engaged.
A more reflective selection with introspective images from which emerges a kind of silence, a seriousness.

Catherine Dérioz & Jacques Damez - Galerie Le Réverbère,
Artistic Directors of the 2018-2020 Levallois Prize. 
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