One percent of the world’s population consists of twins. In spite of their low percentage, multiples have had a profound impact throughout history. Sometimes they have been worshiped as gods, sometimes as charmers. Twins have marked their footsteps in myths such as Castor and Pollux ”the heavenly twins”..
When I faced identical twins, I was mesmerized by their matching outfits, similar make-up and hairstyles and body language, their capacities to finish each other’s sentences or uttered words with the same tone together; they even smiled or had a thought at the same time, sometimes had similar dreams, identical tastes… and these similar behaviors were strange and astounding, yet so ordinary and innate according to them.
A few questions led to the idea of this series : Is their identity “one” that has been repeated twice, or do they each have their own existence? Are they a manifestation of beauty which has been duplicated? Is their nature a line between reality and fantasy? This singularity seems to find its origin in the depth of obscure ancient rituals and cultures.

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