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12 March 2020

On newsstands today Fisheye #41
156 pages / 4,90 €

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In this issue :

  • Circulation(s), 10 ans de découvertes
  • Les singulières épreuves de Seba Kurtis
  • Cindy Sherman, bouille à facettes
  • Le musée du Quai Branly rebat les cartes
  • Vogue écologique
  • Le noir et blanc aux marches du Grand Palais
  • Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, Croire au merveilleux
  • La Fisheye Gallery s’émancipe
  • Immersion électrique
  • Un livre à la belle étoile
  • Quand le Japon donne le ton

Sebastião Salgado

116-pages bilingual French-English edition, with 70 BW photos from the Genesis series, and an unpublished interview with the author.
12.90 euros. On newsstands, February 24, 2020.

The Fisheye team is proud to open its new Classics collection with Sebastião Salgado, the famous photographer who, for more than four decades, has produced an internationally recognized work. Other Americas, The Hand of Man, Exodus, or yet Genesis, his formidable poem tribute to the origins of the planet, are all photographic frescoes that raise awareness of the changes in our world. The ecological emergency, which manifests itself today through numerous disasters, already appeared in several of his works, as in the creation of the Instituto Terra in 1998 which made it possible to plant more than 2.7 million trees in Brazil. His images seen around the globe — thanks to the exhibitions and books designed by his wife Lélia Wanick Salgado — have also inspired the profession of photographer for generations of young people. And if Fisheye remains mainly oriented towards emerging photography and new writing, we are nonetheless attentive to the history of the medium and to its significant figures that mark its history. Some, like Sebastião Salgado, have even become academicians. True immortals. Classics!