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24 February 2020

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Jane Evelyn Atwood is one of the first women photographer that faced up to society’s ardent issues by taking frontally charge of the subject with full conceptual, visual, and political requirements. Thanks to a characteristic writing and sensitivity — those of a free woman — she finds a respectful distance to deal with her topics. Her relevant approach has made her, nowadays a reference.

Catherine Dérioz et Jacques Damez



Jane Evelyn Atwood was born in New York and has been living in France since 1971. Her work translates the profound intimacy she establishes with her subjects over long periods of time. Fascinated by people and the idea of exclusion, she has managed to penetrate worlds that most of us ignore or choose to ignore.

In 1976 she began to photograph women prostitutes on the rue des Lombards in Paris. This work that lasted all night, every night for one year became her first book. In 1980 she received the first W. Eugene Smith Award to continue photographing the blind.
In the following years she completed several long-term projects : Pigalle, legionnaires, victims of anti-personnel mines, Haiti, and Jean-Louis, the first person with AIDS in Europe to appear in the press. In 1989 she undertook a vast project on female incarceration, gaining access to some of the worst prisons in Europe and the United-States, including death row. This monumental, ten-year work remains a reference today. She is the author of thirteen books, including a monograph in the prestigious Photo Poche collection. She has won some of the most important awards and her images may be found in public and private collections.
Her archives are distributed in France by Vu’ Agency and in the United States by Contact Press Images. In France she is represented by the Gallery In Camera, and in the United States by L. Parker Stephenson.


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